Thursday, May 6, 2010

We're Almost There!!!

Last weekend we finally had a chance to walk inside our new home.  When we signed the papers a month ago all we had to look at was the floor plan and a couple pictures of the exterior of the building during construction.  They still have to finish renovating the whole neighborhood as it was used to house all the Olympic athletes during their stay in Whistler. Right now there is still a temporary wall dividing our living area and kitchen and the kitchen still needs to be installed.  Hopefully we'll be able to move in by August.  So now the countdown begins.

 The exterior of our building.

The Lobby

I'm standing in the entryway taking a picture of Sean standing in the doorway of the second bedroom.  I think we're missing some closet doors.

Our master bedroom.

Our master bathroom.

Our dining/living room.  The wall on the right, including the door, is only temporary and will be removed before we move in.

Our future Kitchen.

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