Monday, June 7, 2010


Cows!  I just love cows!  I think they're beautiful animals.  I love their wet noses, big eyelashes, their awkward bodies and knobby  knees, and I love the way they sound when they moo!  I think I will need to have at least one piece of cow art in my new home.  Here are some wonderful cow creations I found while cruising the internet.

Jenny the Cow by ArtPaperGarden on Etsy.

Cow painting by RozArt on Etsy.

Bloooooooo by Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson.

Grass Breath by Debbi Lincoln Morgan Mill.

Funny Cow Blue by Marcia Baldwin.

Curious Cow by Chris Chalk


  1. Hi Holly,

    Glad you like my cow painting.

    Chris Chalk

  2. Hi Chris,

    Sorry it took me so long to see your comment. I think you cow painting is fantastic! You're a very talented artist!