Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thomas, What a Beautiful Boy

The other day while walking back from the store my husband and I were stopped by a lady asking if we recognized a young dog that was walking with her.  She said he had been following them but wasn't sure who he belonged to.  The women was walking with her baby and her dog so she wasn't able to catch the teenage puppy and try to find his home.  Sean and I couldn't leave the dog there.  What if he was hit by a car or wandered far enough away that got lost in the woods and attacked by a bear or cougar (we have lots of those around here).  So we decided that we would take the dog and find it's home.  We went around the neighborhood knocking on every door until we found his home.  I have to say, the young owner (18 or 19 yrs old?) didn't seem too concerned that his dog was wandering around.  He was such a beautiful dog I can't imagine how anyone could let such a sweet boy out of their sight.
(I think I'll name him Thomas)

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