Sunday, February 7, 2010

Every Kitchen Needs a Teapot

When I was a kid, probably about 14 or 15 years old, I saw a picture of a kitchen with the most wonderful teapot collection.  As I was looking at it I decided that when I grew up and had a kitchen of my own I would also have a teapot collection to display in my kitchen.  Since then I've always loved teapots.  Here are a couple pictures of some fantastic teapots.
Funky teapot from  Local Color 

Funky Heart Teapot from Local Color.

"Diamond Teapot" by Donald Clark
"Birdcage with a Bird" by Eunjung Park
Rose Studded Teapot byMary Rose Young 
Toad & Dodo teapots by Andy Titcomb
I couldn't talk about teapots without having an Alice in Wonderland teapot (source unknown).

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  1. I expected to see your teapot in the lineup Holly!
    But maybe you don't have any pictures of it. Maybe next time. Mom